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      The Douglas Bader Foundation

      The Douglas Bader Foundation was formed in honour of Sir Douglas Bader in 1982 by family and friends – many of whom had flown side by side with Douglas during World War 2. Douglas was honoured in 1976 with a Knighthood for his contribution and work on behalf of the disabled. The mission of the foundation at its inception and today, is to continue Douglas’ work in conjunction with and on behalf of individuals with a disability.


      Steps give support and information to empower everyone affected by all lower limb conditions. They don’t take walking for granted!


      Reach has a number of branches in various parts of the country which provide the opportunity for families to meet locally. Reach publishes a newsletter ‘Within Reach’. This provides a regular means of communication to all members’ families.

      Limbless Association

      The Limbless Association provides information, advice and support for people of all ages who are without one or more limbs. It has a nationwide network of volunteer visitors (within the UK) who are all amputees themselves, offering support and encouragement to prospective amputees, carers and those already trying to come to terms with limb loss or deficiency.

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