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    The wonderful world of wheelchair rugby

    Back in November, some members of Opcare Norwich took part in a wheelchair rugby session hosted by Norfolk Knights, and it was discovered that a lot of hard work and skill is required! Nevertheless, wheelchair rugby is an option for anyone who is interested. Why not take on the challenge?

    Wheelchair rugby became known in the 1970s and was first played by athletes with quadriplegia. The sport incorporates elements of basketball, rugby and handball.

    Its debut as a medal sport was at the Sydney 2000 Paralympics, and since then, 28 countries have competed in wheelchair rugby competitions on an international scale*. Teams can include both male and female athletes, and wheelchairs have been specifically designed to play the sport.

    A team will consist of 4 members, and contact between wheelchairs is vital so that players can hold and block their opponents, which makes the game quite an intense watch.

    To find out more about wheelchair rugby, and to see how you can get involved, please visit the International Wheelchair Rugby Federation.

    *Paralympic Sports: Wheelchair Rugby.

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