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    Exeter’s prosthetic workshop takes the spotlight in local press

    Having followed the story of one of Opcare Exeter’s paediatric patients, Devon Live recently revisited Exeter Mobility Centre to discover what happens behind the scenes in the prosthetic workshop.

    Clinical Lead Prosthetist Catherine Finlayson demonstrated how the Exeter team works to create custom limbs for their patients, including anything from sports team themed legs to arms with built-in drumstick holders.

    Catherine said, “We try to be quite innovative. Every limb is different because everybody is different. It means each one is individualised, and we try to get people back to an acceptable level of activity they were doing before.”

    Speaking to Les Street, one of five technicians at the centre, the paper learnt that bright, bespoke, and personalised prosthetics are a modern challenge:

    “In the 16 years I’ve been here, I’ve seen a change in the way people perceive prosthetics. It used to be that limbs needed to look like a limb and they wouldn’t want people to see it. Now it’s like, ‘look at my leg.’ There’s definitely a shift in the way people see it due to the Paralympics, media and films.”

    You can read more about the Exeter team’s innovative limb designs in the full article.

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