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    Children’s Disability Triathlon

    Two Newcastle Prosthetists Karen Singleton and Eanna Durham were volunteers on the day. This event took place at David Lloyd Newcastle, a stone’s throw from the Disablement Services Centre. It was organised by Heel and Toe, a local charity for children with cerebral palsy and two experienced, local triathletes. Specialist bikes were provided by a local company to accommodate all abilities and the children had great fun racing around the park behind the leisure centre.

    Eanna Durham has clearly been busy, as he is also involved in organising an amputee football team at Newcastle. He reports:

    • Amputee football is run by the England Amputee Football Association
    • All levels of amputee are invited to play including able-bodied players who can join in
    • Most play on crutches but some wear their prosthetics
    • Rules are similar to normal football
    • There is an EAFA League which currently has eight teams participating – new teams are invited to join
    • A Newcastle DSC pt CMC (N017748) recently put a call out for players to start up a Newcastle team
    • Eanna is involved and has sent an invite by letter to around 40 of our patients and about 11 or 12 have declared an interest
    • Newcastle United FC have agreed to provide funding, venue, jerseys and training
    • We now have a training session every Monday (except bank holidays) at 7 pm at the Walker Activity Dome
    • We have only had five players turn up so far, but it’s early days yet
    • Our goal is to have a Newcastle United team ready to enter the EAFA League in 2017
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