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    Birmingham’s Bionic Man

    Birmingham’s “Bionic Man”, Robert Parsons, lost his arms, legs and a section of his nose after being diagnosed with a rare disease called meningococcal meningitis at the age of 18.

    “It was really tough in those early days because it was such a big shock for me. It was impossible to set any big goals.”
    Robert took the decision to use prosthetics in 2010 after seeing the progress in the technology and learnt to walk.

    “I got fitted with ‘Greifer’, which is basically a powerful electric claw. I was so happy with Greifer that I decided to get two so that I could do even more. Now I have got them I can do so many things, like cooking, housework, cleaning the car, tying shoe laces, pushing a supermarket trolley – too many things to list them all”.

    Philip Davis is Robert’s long-term prosthetist, and a Senior Prosthetist for Opcare. Robert had a special word of tribute for Phil:

    “My prosthetic sockets are very near perfect now, after many improvements and tweaks working with Phil. We have been through some ups and downs together over the years but he always figures something out that works”

    Robert, who refers to himself as “Bionic Bob”, has recently tackled a 10km walk around Stourbridge, raising money for two charities close to his heart: Meningitis Now and Mary Stevens Hospice.

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